How can I build self-confidence as a leader while staying humble?

Post date: 2021-01-20 11:06:40
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Despite being reasonably far along in age (late 50's) and career (UX design director), I struggle with being comfortable and confident in my role as a "leader." I want to change this so I can grow as a leader, a manager, a mentor, and man. My desire to be a leader is not motivated by a narcissistic desire for rank and status but rather a logical step in my professional, personal and spiritual development.

Over the last 15 years, I've led teams of 5-35 people on large projects with mostly a high degree of success — but sometimes less so. The one issue that keeps me from greater success is my fear of being exposed as incompetent, an imposter. As a leader, I am self-aware enough to not pretend to know everything and delegate to those who know better. This makes complete sense when we are talking about expertise needed in a highly-specific subject area or discipline, but I have often relied too heavily on delegation out of fear of failure. My fears are stoked when I face up against others in my organization who I fear are "better" (equipped / experienced / educated / spoken / bred) than I.

I'm determined to look at my skill gaps pragmatically to instill confidence by strengthening my leadership and practical skills in necessary areas.

What are your thoughts on how servant-leader types like myself (who find narcissistic grappling for status abhorrent) can build their leadership chops without sacrificing humility?
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