Starting a plot in a community garden

Post date: 2021-01-20 14:12:03
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My partner and I finally are off the waiting list at our community garden and are really excited to have our own little plot. Thing is we've never done much gardening before, certainly not vegetables or herbs, and are looking for good resources for planning and what weekly maintenance might look like for our hardiness zone 10a.

My main questions would be around what does the daily or weekly workload look like? What are you doing when you're working in your garden? Most of the beginning guides I've found come from the perspective of someone carving out space in their backyard rather than going in with an already defined space set up, and then skip to tips about annuals vs perennials.

How can I tell a weed from a plant I want to be growing? Should I be watering every day or is that too much? When should I think about adding fertilizer or mulch? Is there a list of tools I should buy that won't be overkill but will let me be successful?

I'm sure there will some resources in the community garden that I can access, but I do tend to overthink things and would love to be prepared going in, so any books, websites or personal experience would be really appreciated.
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