Highway Causing House to Shake

Post date: 2021-01-20 17:35:32
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My house has started shaking constantly from trucks on the highway near my house, I have contacted my state's Department of Transportation and they seemed to want to help, but things appear to be moving very slowly. What else can I do?

I've lived here about ten years, and have a wife and kids. About a week ago the house starting shaking dramatically from the trucks passing on the highway near my house. It sounds like trucks are hitting something with a loud banging sound, followed by the house shaking. I feel nauseous and sick from it, not to over dramatize it but I feel like I am suddenly in a constant war zone or like there are constant small earthquakes occurring.

I called MODOT here in Missouri and after speaking with someone, they had an engineer call me a couple of days later. The engineer seemed nice and explained that the highway was already in need of repairs in a project with bidding taking place next month and repairs occurring in the months thereafter. To add to it, there is heavier traffic than normal due to bridge repairs occurring on another highway and truck traffic being diverted.

After explaining how bad it was in my house she agreed to have the site examined sometime in the next week and see what they could do temporarily. I got the feeling that even though she seemed to want to help, this wasn't going to be done super quickly.

Is there anything else I can do at this point to push this for resolution faster? I am worried about my own sanity and also the structure of the house, so as a follow up question is this causing long term damage possibly to my foundation or my house in general? Should I be contacting my insurance company or an attorney in all this? This is such a strange problem, I don't feel like I know what to do and I can hardly sleep to even think straight...
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