Dating as a homeowner

Post date: 2021-01-20 21:24:23
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I have enough income and funds to buy a small condo in a face-meltingtly expensive area. But I'm single. How does owning a recently-purchased home affect dating?

The original life plan, of course, was to buy a decently-sized place on two incomes as a married couple. But I cannot will it to be that way, I have no prospects right now, and it doesn't make much financial sense to keep renting on the off-chance I meet a theoretical partner when COVID-19 is eradicated.

So I think I will buy a very small condo on one income.

The financial incentives to buy are extremely strong, as rents and home values skyrocket above inflation every year, and the area's main industries are bomb-proof. Take it as given that rents will never fall.

Every year I wait increases the likelihood I will be shut out of home ownership there forever. And once I buy, I'm settling down -- I cannot promise a partner that I will drop everything or move to follow them to keep a relationship going, and I have to consider strange awkwardness like cohabitating and having to play landlord to a girlfriend.

What kind of experiences have you had, dating as a homeowner? Does it hurt your prospects at all?
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