A Cabin of Our Own

Post date: 2020-12-02 10:12:49
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Where can I spend a week in the woods or on the beach in late January, with my boyfriend and dog? Must be a reasonably easy drive from the Washington, DC area.

Ordinarily, I would suggest a big trip! But it's Covid-times so the idea is to have a contactless vacation within reasonably easy driving distance. We will take my car, which is a thirteen-year-old subcompact (albeit pretty rugged). In my mind, "reasonable" means less than 8 hours.

What We Want:
-- A beautiful setting. I would especially like the woods or the beach, but something very natural and serene. A national park would be ideal!
-- Must allow pets (dog, specifically!). I like to let my dog off-leash within reason, so I would prefer if the cabin is fairly secluded and we won't get into trouble for that.
-- Near water is great, near the ocean or bay would be fantastic.
-- It's meant to be a romantic getaway, so a snug little cabin with a fireplace would be wonderful.
-- Self-catering is OK. I'm not super into cooking but I get that there aren't a lot of non-self-catering but safe options at the moment. May have further questions about this later.

The plans are the read, hike, enjoy each other. My boyfriend has a drone he will probably want to fly. I might want to bake or knit something. You know, normal vacation stuff.

Whenever I search, I just get a bunch of links for AirBnBs. I'm not totally opposed to an AirBnB if that's genuinely all there is, but I'd prefer a more professional operation if possible.

What I would REALLY like is some kind of cabin actually in Shenandoah National Park or something like that, but I don't know if that's feasible, especially given the constraints regarding my dog.
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