Are you a superfan of something? What's that like?

Post date: 2020-10-23 04:25:43
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Essentially, I'm curious to hear from people who are extremely emotionally invested in being a fan of something...it could be anything, though I guess I'm thinking like, sports teams, or hardcore BTS fans, or super fans of a given music group or something, but it really can be anything. I want to know what it is like. What does it feel like?

I guess it's a straightforward prompt, but I'm just curious to try and get a detailed explanation of what it feels like both emotionally and intellectually to be extremely into something, especially something like a music group or sports team. I myself have things that I like a lot, but I've never been able to get _that_ emotionally invested, so it's rather hard for me to understand what it must feel like to identify so strongly with a particular thing. I don't think it is bad! I am just curious what it must feel like. (If anything I think it's sort of...amazing and pure? to be able to let go of oneself and really be like, super emotionally invested in something which, to my lukewarm heart, might otherwise seem extremely distant)

As someone who enjoys media that _does_ have fans like that (The Untamed, kpop in general), as well as just being in a lot of fandom adjacent communities, I observe a lot of people who are extremely into this stuff, but I've always wondered what it _feels_ like. Now, I imagine that online (especially on twitter), there is probably a performative aspect to being a fan...but still, it seems like a lot of people get extremely invested in the things they're fans of. I once asked a guy who runs an account with a bunch of followers dedicated to a particular member of a particular group: "do you...actually lover her? or do you sort of play it up, you know, for the account?" and his response was, "oh, I definitely love her." Which I mean, is a hard headspace for me to understand, but I'm curious to understand better. In his case I didn't have the chance to ask more.

I guess I'm just curious to know anything and everything you have to share about the experience of superfandom and being extremely emotionally invested in something like that.

And it should go without saying but there's nothing too weird, and no one is allowed to poo-poo anyone else (well ok there is but the site's rules should cover that -- don't tell me about how much you love nazi shit).

OH and if you feel weird responding in detail here but feel comfortable MeMailing a response, I'm all ears! I promise I will be a respectful, interested listener.
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