What to do with a whole packer brisket?

Post date: 2020-10-23 04:46:46
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I see whole prime packer briskets at Costco from time to time for a really great price, and I'd like to buy one sometime to cut up for freezing. How should I cut them up? What should I do with them once I have? Any guidance would be appreciated!

I've made the corned-beef you get in those brined vac-sealed packs available around St. Patty's day, but never a whole flat or point, and never a fresh brisket. I'd like to try making a passover style brisket, and I'd also try doing a sous vide + grill for a psuedo texas-style barbecue (I don't have the equipment or time/inclination right now for a "real" barbecue brisket). I'd also like to make pastrami, which I've done before with a pre-brined corned beef. Other than that, I'm not sure what I'd do. Would it make good ground beef for hamburgers/meatloaf/tex-mex tacos?

Also, how should I cut it up? I know there's the point and the flat, and I can look up how to cut them. But I only wanna cook 2-3 pounds of meat at a time, so do I just divide the flat up into smaller squarish shapes and make the point into maybe 2 trianglish chunks? How much fat do I take off? Should I keep the fat for ground beef? I'll be vac-sealing and storing in a chest freezer.
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