Transferring some home videos for someone and found a sex tape

Post date: 2020-10-23 04:57:44
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I was hired to transfer some VHS tapes for someone and amongst the many tapes are a few that are homemade sex tapes and I'm not sure what to do about that.

A few years ago, I transferred some home videos from VHS to DVD for my parents. My wife's family asked me to do the same for them last year and I did. I figured that since I had bought the right equipment and knew how to do it, I'd post an ad online offering to transfer other people's home videos for a small fee. No one really replied to the ad for several months. Last week, someone brought me about 50 tapes to transfer for their parents's wedding anniversary in early 2021. I quote him a price for the set and he hires me.

I noticed that some of the tapes have television shows recorded after the family videos end. I send a message asking if he wants me to cut those tv shows out or keep them in. He says to just keep them in and don't worry about doing any editing because some of the stuff on the tapes might be personal and he'd prefer me to not really be looking at them. No problem, I tell him that I'm just doing some quick checks for video and audio quality and that's it. He seems fine with that.

Here's the problem I'm having: Two of the tapes appear to be homemade sex tapes from when the guy (or maybe his brother? cousin?) was in college. I have no idea what to do with this. I have no idea if I should mention it or refuse to copy those tapes or what. I have no idea what words to use to bring this up with the guy. On one tape, it's about half of the tape and the other tape, it's closer to 90%. I have no idea how to bring this up without it coming across as that I was looking at his tapes. The whole things just seems so uncomfortable that I feel lost as to how to navigate this.

Probably compounding this is that I have aspergers and social situations are already a bit tricky sometimes.

Can anyone help?
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