after HIPAA violation, my data rights?

Post date: 2020-10-23 08:36:01
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Keystone Shops, a medical marijuana dispensary chain in PA, sent out an email yesterday to 266 patients with all 266 of our emails in the To field (many with full names also listed next to the email address). They haven't acknowledged this in any way – which in a sense is even worse than the breach itself and what it means about their standards for storing and working with patient data. What are my rights now regarding my own data?

Especially, if I want to stop being their patient because of this, do I have the right to make them delete all my contact info from all their means of storage? I would never trust Keystone's own word on data after this, but is there an external way – under HIPAA or otherwise – to force them to documentably comply with an individual patient's info-deletion request?

Beyond feeling violated, I feel shocked they don't even think this privacy breach is worth any acknowledgment. But the worst feeling is that I have no way out of my relationship with the company if they have all my data and could casually share my info again at any time. :(
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