Low Hot Water Pressure after Hot Water Tank Flushing

Post date: 2020-10-18 13:17:22
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We flushed the hot water tank today - we live in a hard water area, and do this annually. Now we have low water hot water pressure from all faucets - what should we check?

We've quadruple checked the valves to turn the water back on to the tank (there are two on the top of the tank for some reason, but both were shut off for draining and cleaning the tank). To me, it seems like the tank is getting inadequate pressure, because when I first turn on the hot water, the pressure is the same as the cold, but then it gradually drops.

Based on the pictures at this Home Depot link one of the shut offs is a gate valve and the other a ball valve.

Is it possible that either valve has failed and not opened all the way, even though they feel all the way open? What else might cause this issue?
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