Place to purchase plus-size panties for people with penises?

Post date: 2020-09-25 16:06:11
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I can find plenty of places with cute plus-sized women's underwear. I can find several places with cute women's underwear designed to accommodate a penis. I am having a hard time finding the intersection of the two. Any suggestions for stores or brands?

I am looking for things with specifically feminine embellishments; I am not at all interested in things that look like jockstraps or Speedos. I am open to trying brands that aren't specifically intended for trans women, should there be any that are known for being especially accommodating. I am OK with some light compression but I'm not trying to tuck or conceal anything. I am frequently baffled by clothes sizing so if a brand has a system that is easy to understand that is a nice bonus. Online ordering strongly preferred for a variety of reasons, with shipping to the US.
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