meals/food cooked entirely from the pantry/freezer

Post date: 2020-09-22 06:55:12
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Looking for meals/dishes/recipes, especially vegetable-centric ones, that can be made entirely from shelf-stable or long-lasting ingredients rather than fresh.

I'm starting to develop some serious anxiety about the coming fall/winter, especially regarding this stupid pandemic, and want to limit the amount we have to leave the house, so I'm hoping to get in a couple big grocery store/Costco trips to stock up and then hunker down for a while. Looking for your favorite dishes that can be made entirely from some combination of canned ingredients, frozen food, pantry ingredients, and foods that will last quite a while in the fridge or on the counter (so for example garlic and onion would be fine, tofu lasts a decent time in the fridge, but something that requires, say, fresh parsley wouldn't work).

I don't eat beef and don't do well with hot/spicy foods, but I am interested in trying to expand my palate as far as spices. We already eat a lot of canned beans, though we typically just wind up adding some garlic and onion and using them in burritos. We have a chest freezer that's already pretty well stocked, mostly with chicken parts and pork loin.

Also interested in products that last a long time like the tortillas we get at Costco - they're uncooked and come in a big bag with two smaller packages inside that freeze well. We can take out one of the inner packages and let it thaw in the fridge, and eat our way through that bag (you cook them on the stovetop) before it goes bad. So products along those lines that I might not have thought of beyond the obvious canned/frozen/pantry foods.
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