California proposition 65 and rice cookers

Post date: 2020-09-23 03:22:33
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My fancy new Cuckoo rice cooker has a prop 65 warning on the box for DEHP. My other buying option was a Zojirushi cooker, so my question is if anyone has bought a Zojirushi lately and noticed a prop 65 warning. If all current rice cookers carry the warning (and since the operating temps aren't that high) I'll likely keep it. I'm not asking about the warning itself because I think it would just generate chatter.

Asking Cuckoo Canada which component would contain DEHP, their response was limited to "that's only for California". I would guess it's the non-stick coating or the pressure gasket. The Zojirushi site states that the battery in their machines is prop 65 compliant but don't see any other mentions.

I've looked at some rice cooker options with ceramic pots but I'm a klutz and worry about their fragility.
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