Best slippers for a pandemic?

Post date: 2020-09-23 04:15:24
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I wear slippers basically all the time now, and my slippers, while very comfy, are lined with synthetic fabric, so they make my feet sweat, and then my feet are colder than if I wasn't wearing slippers and also gross and smelly. What would be better slippers for me to buy?

1. Men's slippers, not womens, because women's slippers are always too narrow, and I have wide, high feet.
2. With high, heavy rubber soles, because sometimes I wear them down to the garbage and recyling area in the underground garage, and also because I need my feet raised half an inch or so to sit comfortably in most of my chairs.
3. Actual slippers that slip on and off, not booty style or sock style that I have to lean over to put on, because I am lazy and not that flexible and I put them on and off very often throughout the day.
4. Readily available to ship to Canada, preferably from within Canada so I don't have to deal with border delays and import charges.
5. Most importantly: breathable or moisture wicking or something that keeps me from getting cold, damp feet when I wear them all day.
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