What kind of pump do I want?

Post date: 2020-08-11 00:51:58
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In case of a power outage, we wouldn't have running water because we're on a well. We live next to a brook. I'd like a good way to get water from the brook, to use for flushing toilets if a power outage lasts for days.

I'm thinking probably some kind of a hand pump or a battery-operated one. I'd like to be able to stand on the bank of the brook and feed one end in to where water is flowing, which in winter could be several feet away. I'd like the other end to come into a bucket, and to quickly fill it with a few gallons.

It might be even better if I could leave the setup in place by the brook (if it's not freezing out), and have the other end come all the way up to the house, and control it from there... but that's >50' and somewhat uphill, so I'm guessing that'd require something much more elaborate?

Alternatives that I'm pretty sure I don't want:
- "Just dip a bucket." (The brook gets low in summer, and much of it freezes in winter, so I'd be clambering over slippery rocks or snow & ice to get to a deep enough spot.)
- "Use a siphon." (The brook is lower than the destination would be.)
- "Just fill the bathtub if a big storm is predicted." (We will, but may not keep our bathtub long-term, and anyway, we want this option, too.)
- "Buy a generator." (We might, at some point, but until then...)

Recommendations needed for the general type of pump to look for, as well as for specs or a particular model if there's one you like.
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