Stocking up for The Long Winter

Post date: 2020-08-08 01:24:15
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I am anticipating another full shutdown in my area in late fall due to the plan for our schools. Where I live, parts of the fall and winter are icy and gross, so although we will have all the gear, we may feel trapped inside. In the first shutdown, thanks to Zoom crafts, we ran out of tape. What items are you stocking? After reading the snowflakes below, what would you add to our stores?

This is not a food question but food can be included as an activity. We already bake quite a bit. I have a 14 year old and a 9 year old. My total games/craft budget is $459 due to a camp refund cheque, so smaller items are better (I.e. no Peleton.) Thanks to our fav game store we are pretty well stocked for board and role playing games, but will take recommendations. We are also well stocked for LEGO. There's a local model shop I am going to visit as well after a trial model was enjoyed by all, although I am a bit concerned about price vs.time spent for kind of one-offs. We have a neighbourhood puzzle swap going.

We have guitars and a piano, and a reasonably well-stocked art cupboard (Paints, canvases, glue, paper, etc.), polymer clay, and soap carving. Hit me with all your ideas, especially those that have been awesomely enjoyed.
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