Why do my male coworkers act different when other women are around?

Post date: 2020-08-03 07:06:08
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Male coworkers act different depending on who is around. Snowflakes inside...

My assistant manager "Todd" will talk to me more when it's just the two of us than if others are around. When my coworker "Maria" is around, he'll make fun of me or ignore me. Once Maria went into the copy room and Todd came over to tell me something. He had his eyes on the copy room the whole time, as if not to "get caught" by Maria or something. I don't get it because we're supposed to work together, so we have to talk. Maria isn't our boss- She doesn't seem to like me, so maybe that's why? She's in her 60s and is the "Office Mom" type.

The other men act the same way. When Maria is out of the office, they're more social with me, but when she's there, they act as if I don't exist.

Todd and I went to a meeting to a different site and everything went fine, I thought. When we returned, all he did was complain about me to the boss (in front of me.) In private, I asked him what was wrong, but he said "nothing" and that I was a "good worker." Then why bash me like that to the boss?

Is this normal in the work place? I've been in other places where they act like this, but I just don't get it. Why not treat everyone equally?
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