Is this a wildflower plant or a weed?

Post date: 2020-08-03 09:38:17
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What is this tall spiky plant with super thin leaves? Images here.

In a fit of optimism this spring, I, a novice gardener, bought a couple of variety packs of wildflowers at the grocery store and planted them in a raised planter in my backyard. One weird type of plant seems to be dominating and I'm not sure if it's a weed or if it's one of the plants I planted on purpose. I'm located in Minnesota.

I did some searching in a couple of wildflower books, a Weeds of Minnesota book, and on the UMN Extension plant ID page, and haven't had any success identifying it. I pulled one up and the stem is kind of wet and crunchy like celery, not woody like a tree, if that makes sense. Most of these plants have one tall stalk but one or two of them have multiple branches. Height is currently around 3 feet tall. Haven't seen any significant flowers or anything on it.

The image link above also has a couple of pictures of the seed packets, in case that helps at all.
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