How do we help our relative in the ICU?

Post date: 2020-08-03 10:06:17
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My father in law went through severe septic shock. He's been in the ICU for 12 days on a ventilator, in critical condition, but is awake and relatively alert for part of the day. I am still hopeful he pulls through, and have been reading about the PTSD that accompanies the recovery process. Is there anything we can do for him now that may help his future recovery? I am mainly looking for thoughts from people who have experienced extended ICU stays for themselves or their loved ones.

Because of Covid complications, nobody can go and see him in the hospital. My mother in law sees him everyday. My husband has flown down there, but he is in mandatory quarantine for the next several days so he can't actually visit him yet. My father in law hasn't yet been told that he's arrived.

My mother in law can convey our messages and even show him photos and videos.

I don't know if physical objects or space rearrangement is possible.

Are there any little things that we can do to make his stay even marginally less traumatic, within these constraints?
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