Recommend a Great ~6 mos. - 3 years (toddler) Parenting Course!

Post date: 2020-08-03 02:42:28
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Now that our little one is about to hit 7 months old, my partner and I realized we'll probably have to start REALLY parenting soon! We're in search of an online course to help us through. Details inside.

When I say "really" parenting, I mean that we'll have to try to teach things like discipline and do a lot more teaching aloud and guidance now that she's wanting to walk everywhere and already babbling. Basically, I can see that in two seconds, she's going to become a toddler, and we don't feel super prepared to know the things we need to do to handle a tantrum, encourage her to not touch the stove, determine how to protect her from falling when trying to walk without stifling her, etc.

We loved infant courses that pair what's happening development-wise with techniques to be open-minded, encouraging, non-dictatorial, independence-teaching parents. We really enjoyed tips like, "talk all the time and narrate everything," "respond to her coos like you're having a conversation," etc. So we're looking for recommendations for online courses that are similar. Paid or unpaid is fine!

I think "positive parenting" is probably along the lines of where we lean, but I'd love to hear from the liberal-minded parents of ask metafilter as to courses or keywords that can help me find what we're looking for, and avoid what we don't want (for example, we'd prefer a course that is woke enough to gender neutrality, instead of saying, "encourage your little girl, who is most assuredly wearing pink and interested in princesses, to do blah blah blah").

Again, would prefer online course recommendations first and foremost -- but please recommend blogs or articles or anything else along these lines, too.

Thanks in advance!
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