Grocery shopping safety in the time of Corona

Post date: 2020-03-25 00:25:52
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There is no delivery here (not US). I am terrified after my last trip where despite going very early such that I was the only customer, the staff crowded around me and almost touched me. Please help me protect myself.

I have dish gloves and a few paper masks left from months ago.

I have a long umbrella I can try to use as distance marker.

The staff wear gloves and masks in all shops.

I need to leave in the next few days because I will need more tp and fresh food soon.

There is nothing in place in stores to keep patrons a certain distance away so I have no choice but to have some walk by less than a foot from me if they are there. I have been rebuffed or ignored when I've asked for distance. I need to go to more than one store because not everything is available at one store.

I could certainly last another week but I do need to go at some point. Please help me not be terrified and to protect myself as best I can.
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