Do I need to see a doctor?

Post date: 2020-03-25 09:41:55
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I have a painful swelling on my labia majora, the skin on my upper thigh is irritated, and a nearby lymph node is swollen and painful. It feels like I've been punched in a lymph node, basically. I would really like to not have to contact a doctor right now.

This is in the UK and the NHS is getting completely overwhelmed. I hate to use up precious resources. In addition to this I have been staying in and self isolating and would prefer to keep doing that if possible. My housemate has symptoms of coronavirus and so I absolutely must self isolate until Saturday but would prefer to go beyond this.

I'm trying to figure out the risk of waiting this out vs going in. I'm also wondering whether this could be a symptom of coronavirus in me - i.e. a weakened immune system from the virus has led to some sort of infection.

My mother has offered me some antibiotics she got from her dentist last month but didn't take. In normal times I would never consider taking someone else's antibiotics but these aren't normal times. What would you do?
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