fancy schmancy weekend brunch

Post date: 2020-01-20 06:16:30
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We're getting into a routine of making weekend brunches that are fancier than our normal pancakes or waffles, but I'm also running out of ideas fast. What are your favorite fancy make at home weekend breakfasts or brunches (or not necessarily even "fancy", just fussier than normal, either because of preparation or ingredients)?

We have no food restrictions I can't work around, and a moderately well equipped kitchen and access to grocery stores that sell pretty much whatever ingredients we want, including a very large well stocked pan-international market. I'm a decent home cook. Bonus points for ideas that aren't your bog standard USian breakfasts. We eat just about anything.

We did Benedict last weekend and today and biscuits and gravy yesterday and I'm doing corned beef hash next Sunday (she's allergic to onions so she never gets to eat corned beef hash while we're out), and after that I'm out of ideas.

Thanks y'all! :)
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