How do I get the hair I had in India?

Post date: 2019-11-12 13:25:30
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I recently spent a month in India, where my hair was all soft and wavy with lots of body. My hair is usually stick straight, fine and thin, and often quite dry (but so fine that any product makes it look limp and even thinner). My best guess is the high humidity was what made my hair look so nice. How do I replicate that back in dry Australia?

Photo of my hair in its usual context.
Photo of my hair in India. (It was like this the whole time! It was magical!)

It's also possible it was something about the water, maybe... For one thing, I could only wash it in cold / lukewarm water instead of hot, because most places I stayed didn't have hot water. And maybe the water hardness is different. I was using my usual shampoo/conditioner though.
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