Getting my foot back in the door with Apple, and other job-hunting tips?

Post date: 2019-11-12 18:43:33
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After being laid off from my previous job, I have tried to get back in the door at Apple Retail, but seem to be hitting a brick wall so far. Also running into brick walls with my job search.

I was laid off from my office job about a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I have been searching for jobs in the area. I worked at Apple retail about seven years ago, and want to return. I missed working at Apple, and it'd serve as a great stopgap until I find something permanent. They paid fairly well for retail (double the minimum wage at the time for that state), and had some great benefits. From what I hear, they still do.

However, a few complications. Here's a short backstory:

2014: Left Apple retail. (Am an Apple alumni.) Had a good AppleCare selling track record, if that helps (not bragging).
January 2019: Interviewed for a new flagship Apple store in my area.
February 2019: Got an offer for a part-time specialist position. At the time, as I was one of the only staff at my old (laid-off) job, I wasn't sure about accepting a part-time job in addition to my stressful full-time job. After an AskMe here, and discussing with my old boss, I decided to decline the job offer. (This was all done through text.)
October-November 2019: All hell broke loose. Laid off from my job.
November 2019: Talked to an old Apple co-worker who I worked with during my time at Apple, in person (she works at the flagship store I want). She was very supportive, and asked me to email her my resume, and she'd refer me and talk to the senior manager at the store. She said the store was definitely hiring and needed more people.

This was about two weeks ago. Nothing. I have followed up, and she has not gotten back to me. I also texted the person who texted me back in February, saying my circumstances had changed and I was available to take the position, if it was still available, but the text was read/not responded to. I talked with another friend who also worked at that Apple Store location, and she suggested I go in and ask to talk with the senior manager in person, face-to-face, explain my situation, being honest that I was laid off from my job, and am passionate about returning to Apple.

My questions:
-Should I tell the senior manager I declined the offer back in February because I was working full-time at an understaffed organization, but now I was laid off and need work? That other friend suggested I be genuine in my conversation with the senior manager to show a human face and to show that my intentions when turning down the job in February, in the first place, was good, but that I am now available and willing. I'm hoping the "laid off" part would appeal to the manager, but at the same time, I don't want to come across as desperate, needy, or treating Apple as a "second resort".

-I feel bad that I went through like three rounds for Apple's retail interview process, only to turn down the job in the end due to my full-time job. Do you think this had a bad bearing on me at all? I'm still kicking myself for not accepting the offer, because if I had been working part-time Apple and full-time at my old job, at least Apple would have been a protective net once I was laid off.

-Anything else I should do to try and get in the door again? I don't mind other retail jobs, but I really WANT this job at Apple. It'd lead me back to some familiarity, and at least I'd have a solid retail gig that pays better than most other retail jobs, until I find a good office desk job.

Also, another general question: Is it this hard to find jobs? I also applied at Starbucks and other spots, and have heard nothing back. Old colleagues and friends reviewed my resume; nothing but compliments and minor, small edits that were incorporated. I'm a bit freaking out because I have rent and other expenses to pay, and this whole being laid-off territory is completely new to me. Severance and unused vacation time is great, but won't get me that far. I kind of forgot what it was like to be jobless and having to be back on the market.

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