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Post date: 2019-10-29 05:46:15
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I bought 4 small, unidentified houseplants from the grocery store. Can you help me identify them and figure out how to care for them? I'm trying to make a calendar to remind me when to water or rotate or fertilize. Thanks!

The past week I've just had them in a west-facing window, that gets several hours of filtered light through the trees, and several hours of reflected sun from the white house next door. Including root pictures in case they need to be repotted. All 4 plastic markers same the same thing: "Assorted Tropical Foliage, feed w mild liquid fertilizer, keep between 55f and 70f, filtered sun or partial shade". Here's the lineup (excuse the dog, she likes being in the way):

Plant 1 As you can see it's got some serious extraneous roots growing - should I replant in a wider pot? Or do those not need to be in the soil. Here's its underside

Plant 2. It's roots.

Plant 3. Roots again

Plant 4 The leaves are pretty thick and inflexible, and the stems are a reddish color. Rootsss

dog tax <3
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