Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery, one month out...

Post date: 2019-10-29 10:01:45
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I had Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery in my right (dominant) hand just over a month ago. How long does this take to heal?

My surgeon didn't prescribe PT for me, as he had done a thumb release on my left hand a year earlier and we both figured I knew the ropes from that surgery. I'm doing my exercises and stretches and massaging both incision areas to reduce scar tissue. I know it's going to take a bit to heal, and they told me the swelling on my wrist might take a couple of months to subside. I'm able to use my whole hand, but my whole palm gets achy by the end of the day and the whole area is just a lot more tender than my thumb release was at this point.

I know YANMD, but if you've had this surgery, is this normal, or should I call the surgeon?
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