Look into the camera... Talk to me.

Post date: 2019-10-29 10:58:11
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Please give me recommendations of scenes from movies where characters look straight into the camera during a dialog scene.

I am editing a short film which is basically 4 shots, one each of the 3 characters speaking their parts, and one wide. They are seated at a table, and two of the characters are across from each other, staring straight into the camera as they speak, and the third in between, looking camera left or camera right, depending on who is speaking/being addressed. The wide is from the fourth side of the table.

Clearly a very theatrical setup, and seemingly straightforward, but I would like to see other films/examples where characters are speaking to each other (NOT to the audience) but do so looking directly into the camera (no over-the-shoulders).

To be clear, I'm NOT looking for examples of characters "breaking the fourth wall" or doing any other kind of a "wink-wink" at the audience. I'm also not looking for examples from documentaries (à la Errol Morris). I'm specifically looking for a dialog scene between 2-3 characters similar to this That 70s Show YouTube link] but with cuts.

Any takers?
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