Where can I shop for a wearable avant garde outfit?

Post date: 2019-06-17 13:12:37
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I have a fundraiser event to attend in July which has an avant-garde theme/dress code. The event will take place outdoors during the day in New Orleans. I am in the process of making a very large elaborate headpiece which will involve feathers and flowers, but I'm stumped on how to put together an "avant-garde" outfit or where to shop for the actual clothing.

I'm envisioning a very structural unusual dress or maybe a floor-length peplum top over dress shorts? My style is more edgy than feminine; I don't mind boho but that feels wrong for this event. Comfort is key, as I will be sitting under a tent in sweltering heat and humidity. I'd like to spend $200 or less but I'd like to avoid super cheap-looking stuff from Amazon if I can. People will be dressed to the nines for this event. I have a pinterest board for inspiration, but where should I be shopping?
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