Characteristics Of The Most Popular Food Blogs

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Posted by ejounalz from the Health category at 28 Jan 2021 09:07:46 am.
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The job of a food blogger may seem attractive but there is also some hard work involved in crafting those blog posts. A food blogger can be anyone- a restaurant owner trying to drive more traffic to his site, a student who is looking to earn extra bucks or a stay at home mum craving to give a concrete shape to her passions.

Writing a food blog isn’t a big deal as most of us think. However, it’s not so smooth. The most popular food blogs have some unique characteristics as listed below:

a) A unique value proposition: Firstly, you should assess what your food blog offers to the readers. In most cases, the answer is “recipes”. If you are in the same line, you need to rethink as just mentioning the recipes of a certain restaurant won’t offer your readers a unique value proposition. Focus on certain dishes and deliver the content in an attractive note.

b) Storytelling: A research study highlights the fact that most food blog subscribers never attempted to cook a dish as per the instructions of their favourite food blogger. It is the storytelling element in a blog post that attracts readers at large. Most popular food bloggers try to supplement a recipe with a story to incite readers. However, the blog needs to be crafted insightfully, entertainingly, and skilfully.

c) Social media: Most food bloggers rely on social media to become popular. For gaining the visibility of fresh eyes, resorting to social media is inevitable. The best healthy food blogs have a presence on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. The same content won’t apply to all these platforms.

Nowadays, food is not just about taste but also of aesthetics. Simplistically, for a food blog post to be popular, presentation is the key.
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