58-000161 Battery 4750mAh/18.05Wh 3.8V Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8inch 6TH GEN PR53DC

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Posted by anna201 from the Business category at 18 Jan 2021 03:35:00 am.
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Find the right battery for AMAZON 58-000161 to solve your power issues. Our AMAZON 58-000161 Tablet batteries are manufactured to precisely fit just as your original battery.We use the highest quality Li-ion cells and components that are lighter weight, charge faster and last longer.

  • Brand: AMAZON Tablet Battery
  • Replaceable with the following models: 58-000161
  • Rechargeable battery type : Li-ion
  • Current : 4750mAh/18.05Wh
  • Voltage : 3.8V
  • Capacity : 18.05Wh
  • Encoding : ECN10745_Ta
  • Supported models : 58-000161 26S1018
  • AMAZON 58-000161 compatible Tablet Battery model:
    Fit For Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8inch 6th Gen (Year 2016) model PR53DC
Online store: AMAZON Battery
5 Ways to Improve the Life of Your AMAZON 58-000161 Tablet Battery
1. If you do not use your Tablet for extended periods of time (a week or more), remove the battery pack from the tablet.

2. Do not expose the battery to high heat or freezing temperatures. Do not leave your battery in your car in the summer. Hot batteries discharge very quickly, and cold ones can’t create as much power.

3. Completely drain and recharge the battery overnight once a month to maximize its capacity to hold a charge.

4. Fully charge new battery packs before use. New pack needs to be fully charged and discharged (cycled) a few times before it can condition to full capacity.

5. Leaving a battery in a Tablet while using an electrical outlet for long periods of time will keep the battery in a constant state of charging up and that will reduce the life cycle of the battery.
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