Future of IoT in Healthcare brought into sharp focus

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Posted by whitelioninfosystems from the Health category at 21 Sep 2020 10:00:43 am.
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2020 has taught us more than all the past years collectively due to COVID-19. And one major takeaway from this dire situation is the importance of healthcare management. It is next to impossible to achieve a near-to-ideal healthcare system with manual power. Even if all the doctors and nurses are huddling together in the process. Not only it will reduce the efficiency of their services but it will also bring down the patients’ general recovery rate. Hence, it is essential to employ technology as much as possible. And, IoT serves the purpose correctly. Surprisingly, IoT in healthcare will bring an essential need to serve patients. IoT enabled devices have made remote monitoring in healthcare, unleashing the potential to keep patients safe and healthy.

Why do we Need IoT in Healthcare?
We need IoT in healthcare for many reasons.
The most important ones are mentioned below:

Effective use of Time
Prompt delivery of relief is something that many countries aim to achieve with little success. In countries like India, that value doctors have is unparalleled. This means that it is very tough to become one. This somehow backfires as the doctor-to-population ratio is not very encouraging. Here, IoT is of great help. Also, It takes care of the jobs that an automated machine. And can be trusted so that the skilled professionals can concentrate on areas that need them the most.

Increased Accuracy of Medical Procedure
‘To err is to human’, but since machines and appliances are far from being so, their level of accuracy is much higher. They can perform crucial medical procedures with efficiency, a service vital for the healthcare system’s growth.

Support for Patients
IoT can be extensively used to support patients. Tracking the conditions of a patient, ensuring they eat well, and take their medicines on time, can all be done with the help of IoT. This will make the process free from errors and free other important resources like manpower.

Medicine Management
Another important job of IoT can concern medicines. Here, it is important to keep track of little details like the expiry dates and prices of the medicines. All of this can be tracked using IoT. Moreover, patients on a monthly subscription will supply with proper medicines regularly, without fail.

Equipment Management
Hospitals house a huge variety of equipment, which are expensive both in terms of importance and expense. Handling these is not easy, especially for the staff, due to the complexity involved. Here, the IoT machines can step in and do the needful. These appliances can get the work complete with effortless efficiency, and with minimum to negligible human intervention.

IoT, or the Internet of Things, has reached the market and is ready to take up some crucial jobs. This includes healthcare. Now, the need is like never before, which also opens new doors for better innovation in this field. Needless to say, IoT is sure to find a lot of scope in the healthcare industry in the future.

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