Beaches Tours & Hotels In Bengal

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Best Weekend Getaways Destination from Kolkata

Sea Beaches Of Bengal

The most popular beach of West Bengal, Digha sees huge influx of tourist durng weekends and other holidays. With lot of nearby sight seeings and activities, thousand of accommodations of various budget Digha is getaway destination for population of Kolkata and all small cities and towns of South Bengal. The comfortable driving distance from Kolkata and high connectivity of public transport is also the reason for Digha popularity.

Road Distance from Kolkata: 193 kms.
Best time to visit: Throughout the year.

Activities: Beach, Seafood, water sports, shopping.

Digha Tour Guide

Hotel Basant Priya
Hotels Near Digha Sea Beach
Hotels In Digha For Sea

2. Bakkhali & Henry’s Island
You can opt for Bakkhali or Henry Island if you want to go for some peace and tranquil. This is the southern most tip of Bengal and on the western most island of the Sunderban Detla so you can see mangrove forest in the Henry island.

Road Distance from Kolkata: 132 kms.
Best time to visit: August to March.

Activity: Windmill Farm, Beaches, Crocodile Park, Seafood.

Bakkhali Tour
Mousuni Island Tour

3. Mandarmani
Emerging as the new tourist favorite destination around Kolkata, Mandarmani is the place most well-known for its pristine beaches and spectacular views. The untamed and unspoiled beauty of the place is its main highlight and it is the paddy fields and the little ponds along the route from Kolkata to this place that makes, a trip here truly memorable.
Distance from Kolkata: 170 kms
Best time to visit: July- March
Things to do: Paragliding, watersports, and walk along the beach to Mohona.

Hotels In Mandarmani
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