Boredom be gone! Gadgets a friend to road weary travelers

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Posted by peter88 from the Travel category at 22 Dec 2011 08:48:48 am.
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In the past, road trip entertainment consisted of conversation between passengers or listening to the radio. In most cases, that radio was tuned to the oldies station, much to the chagrin of anyone under the age of 40 in the car. Nowadays, the bevy of electronic gadgets to entertain bored or road weary travelers has grown by leaps and bounds.

The travel portion of any road trip was often something to dread. Children chanting the incessant "are we there yet" could often push adults to the brink of insanity. Luckily, today's road trippers have a number of devices at their disposal to help keep people, including the kids, entertained.

It used to be that AM or FM radio was the standard choice when driving. While it's true that some taking road trips packed enough CDs along to keep on rotation, most others relied on the radio. But as anyone who has driven 100 miles or more from their home base knows, stations change and static prevails on many numbers on the dial. Satellite radio is one option that can keep favorite tunes playing consistently. Others prefer to load up the Mp3 player with a long catalog of songs so there is always something being played.

For kids riding along, many a parent has uttered a sigh of relief when turning on a DVD player in the car. Many family mobiles feature the option for an onboard DVD player, but they tend to be expensive. DVD units with headrest screens are available at many big box retailers for a fraction of the cost and just as much convenience. Audio may be transmitted to the car's speakers or headsets, depending on personal preference.

Digital games in handheld devices can ease the boredom of long car trips. Having a game on hand passes time and can also stimulate the brain.

For those who want to enjoy a little relaxation along the way, seat massagers that plug into a DC power outlet in the car or even through a USB port can offer a soothing massage while on the road.

For those who cannot live without an Internet connection, a mobile WiFi account enables everyone in the car to go online while on the road. This can also be an advantage if the GPSsystem breaks down or if you need to search for a restaurant or pit stop.
The conveniences of modern technology take the work and boredom out of long road trips and can turn a driving vacation into something fun. As a safety precaution, the majority of these gadgets should never be operated by the driver while the vehicle is in motion.
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