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Posted by peter88 from the Home and Garden category at 30 Aug 2011 10:18:11 pm.
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As the seasons change once again, homeowners across the country are preparing their homes for the days that lie ahead. Though spring cleaning gets the glory, homeowners must now make a similar effort when the warm weather draws to a close. With indoor seasons on the horizon, a clean and healthy home is essential to making it through the coming months safe and sound. The following cleaning tips can help homeowners get their homes ready for the cooler weather and days spent indoors away from the elements.
Bring It All In

Before the colder weather arrives, homeowners must move all those remnants from the summer into the house or garage. Lawn and garden equipment, patio furniture and, of course, the grill can't withstand harsh winter weather. Before storing such items for the winter, be sure to clean them thoroughly.

Spray Nine(R) Brand Grez-Off(R) Heavy-Duty Degreaser is ideal for removing the grease and dirt that typically builds up on patio furniture and lawn and garden equipment over the course of summer. Powerful and biodegradable, Grez-Off Degreaser uses water-soluble grease cutting agents to create a fast acting and environmentally safe degreaser that's devoid of harmful fumes. Homeowners can use it to clean stainless steel and chrome surfaces, including those on the grill and the grill grates, before ultimately packing items away for the winter.

Clean Indoors, Too

Spring cleaning is all about opening the windows and letting fresh air in after a season spent locked indoors. But come the fall, when it's time to button up for the winter, it's best to first give the home a thorough cleaning. Airborne allergens can stick to ducts, vents and filters, leaving a home's residents susceptible to allergy attacks even after the warm weather has become a distant memory. Clean ducts, vents and filters in the fall to make the home healthier throughout the winter.

Say 'Au Revoir' to Odor

Readying a home for the indoor seasons also entails ridding its interior of odor. Spray Nine Brand Odor Eliminator neutralizes offensive odors on contact by "caging" their molecules so they are no longer detectable to the nose. Homeowners can eliminate odors in their kitchens, carpets and even their musty basements, ensuring the home is odor-free for the long winter months ahead. In lieu of smoke and pet odors, Odor Eliminator provides a fresh floral scent and can even be added to compatible cleaning solutions to freshen the home as you clean.

Keep a Tight Ship

When the colder weather arrives, homeowners often use the garage or a utility closet inside the home to store paints, oils, solvents, and other potentially toxic supplies. When doing so, be sure to tighten the lids on any such items before storing them away. If not closed tightly, the lids might leak potentially harmful chemicals into the air, a dangerous prospect made even more dangerous in the colder months when the windows are closed and there's little or no fresh air circulating throughout the home.

Go On the Defensive

Part of readying a home for the winter includes protecting the home and its inhabitants from viruses and bacteria. So it's a good idea to use a disinfectant that pulls double duty, simultaneously cleaning the home while protecting its residents as well. Spray Nine Cleaner/Disinfectant kills viruses and bacteria in addition to removing dirt, grease, grime, and stains. It can be used on countertops, stoves, refrigerators, sinks, and many other surfaces around the home. Spray Nine also kills fungus and helps control the mold and mildew that also like to move indoors during the winter.

Fix Up the Fireplace

Few areas of the home are as popular as the fireplace come the colder months. A gathering spot for family and friends when the weather outside is frightful, the fireplace will need some attention before the colder weather arrives. Remove any papers, magazines or other items that might have accumulated around the fireplace during the summer when it was out of commission. Then employ Fireview(R) Fireplace and Wood Stove Cleaner from Spray Nine to remove any smoke residue, ash, soot, dust, creosote build-up, and burned on carbon deposits left over from last season. It should only take a few minutes to clean inside, outside and fixtures, as Fireview cleans on contact without the need for tedious scrubbing or harmful fumes.
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