Borderline Personality Disorder

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Posted by moviegoer from the Health category at 01 Aug 2011 11:17:11 am.
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Borderline Personality Disorder has, among other symptoms, depressive traits, in that the sufferer is subject to feelings of failure, rejection and seeks out isolation.

Other symptoms consist of ;About 9 to 75 percent of the ones diagnosed with borderline personality disorder exhibit self-mutilation, drug addiction, alcoholism and suicidal attempts.

The good news is, all through 30's-40's, as soon as relationship and vocational functioning is established, the indications slowly diminish, and no longer meet the full criteria of Borderline Personality disorder.

There is no definite course for this disorder.

Out of this population who practice self destructive behaviors, about 8 to ten % actually die.

These alarming results prompt medical specialists to deal with the mental ailment with successful treatments. The countless common pattern is several form of chronic instability all through early adulthood.
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