CUBOT battery note_S cell phone battery

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Posted by kakakakarin from the Business category at 16 Sep 2019 06:34:37 am.
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Find the right cell phone battery for CUBOT note S to solve your power issues. Our CUBOT note_S batteries are manufactured to precisely fit just as your original battery. Shopping in PC-Laptop is safe and secure! 100% Guarantee Quality and Fully Test!
  • Brand : CUBOT
  • Alternate with the following models : note_S
  • Cell technology : Li-ion
  • Capacity : 4150mAh /15.77Wh
  • Voltage : 3.8V
  • Encoding : ECN11082_Te
Online Store:How to reduce cell phone radiation ?1. When the mobile phone is called out, it is best to keep the mobile phone away from the head to avoid radiation on the head when the mobile phone emits more power.
2. Minimize the time each time you use your phone and the number of times you use your phone every day. When it is necessary to talk for a long time, it is more scientific to alternate between left and right ears or to use headphones.
3. When the mobile phone signal becomes weak, the mobile phone will automatically increase the transmitting power of the electromagnetic wave. At this time, do not put your ear close to the mobile phone.
4. do not pick up the phone in the corner, the signal coverage in the corner of the building is relatively poor, so it will increase the radiation power of the phone to a certain extent. For the same reason, when you are in a small, enclosed environment such as an elevator, you should avoid making calls.
5. Do not walk around when you touch the mobile phone. Frequent moving positions will cause the strength of the received signal to fluctuate, causing unnecessary short-time high-power transmission.
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