How to Rescue Thousands of Dollars From the Trash

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Posted by moviegoer from the General category at 29 Jul 2010 04:03:37 am.
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(MS) -- Could you or someone you know be spending thousands of dollars each year on products that simply end up in the garbage? Many people who suffer from urinary incontinence (UI) do because they think there is no other option. However, an innovative program of all-natural supplements can be the key men and women need to reduce money spent on UI treatment.
Retired individuals spend the most money on medical and dental expenditures. Although many medications and treatments are covered by some sort of insurance plan, seniors face out-of-pocket expenses for many personal care items -- most especially absorbent sanitary pads necessary to manage incontinence.

Adult Diapers are Expensive

Depending on the brand, a package of absorbent undergarments can cost anywhere from $15 to $25. But that's not where the spending ends. There are the items people don't even think about, such as creams for rashes, powders to mask odor, antibiotics should a urinary tract infection occur, bed liners, and the replacement of clothing and furniture ruined by leaks. Says, John, a caregiver for his 72-year-old incontinent mother, "Last year the cost for mother's adult diapers alone was $1300."

If these undergarments were the best solution for incontinence, their cost would be validated. However, pads tend to be bulky, uncomfortable and can harbor odor when not changed promptly. They can be unsanitary to dispose of. Plus, they need to be packed along when traveling or simply spending a day out with friends or family. They certainly can impede the lifestyle of an active adult.

Environmental Impact

Absorbent pads also have a profound impact on the environment. Millions of people in the world suffer from UI, and primarily turn to incontinence pads as the first solution. That means millions upon millions of discarded pads are ending up in landfills. Just think about the costs of managing the land and revitalizing the environment where adult diapers are doing damage.

Stop Throwing Money Away

A better option is to treat urinary incontinence from the source, rather than simply managing its side effects. Treating incontinence doesn't necessarily have to mean harsh medications, side effects and frequent trips to the doctor. Many men and women find that simple herbal remedies known as BetterMAN and BetterWOMAN are all it takes to alleviate many of the symptoms of UI.

The special formulations in both BetterMAN and BetterWOMAN supplements are tailored specifically to the unique needs of men and women. They not only treat UI, but also help promote overall bladder and body health. Comprised of a proprietary blend of all-natural herbs as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices, these supplements don't have the side effects of some other UI remedies and also feature no drug interaction problems. Learn more by visiting, or, or by calling 1-888-686-2698.

Remember, UI can be the result of a number of medical issues, and is not simply an expected result of aging. If UI is troublesome, consult with a doctor to determine if prostate enlargement issues, muscle stretching from childbirth, or other medications are at the root of UI. The faster a person identifies a problem, the sooner an appropriate treatment method and regaining vitality can begin -- and the sooner money can be saved.

CAPTION: Stop throwing away money with adult diapers -- a new solution is available.
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