Laser treatment may be the permanent solution to vein problem

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A superficial vein dilates and becomes tortuous? It is a varix , which draws a purplish mark on the leg and often hurts. It shows a flow of blood against the current, down to the foot instead of back to the heart. If this reflux is important, the vein must be operated.

Upper Leg Cramps

The principle of the Laser Varicose Vein Removal

The endovenous laser treats unsightly surface varicose veins. Laser Vein Removal acts on the vein inside the thigh (or saphenous varix ). Of all the operative techniques, this method is the least traumatic. This is particularly a good alternative to stripping.

The heat emitted by the laser alters the vein. It breaks down and is eliminated by the body over time (between three to six months). The vascular surgeon or phlebologist operates under ultrasound control, it is important. Local anesthesia with sedation is sufficient. Laser Ablation Side Effects

are not much.

How is the intervention done?

The laser fiber is introduced inside the vein, most often at the knee. The infiltration of local anesthetic forms a thickness of water around the vein to protect the neighboring tissues of the laser and to avoid any risk of burns.

The specialist activates a laser shot every three millimeters, removing the fiber as it goes outward. If necessary, the varicose branches are removed by phlebectomy using tiny incisions. A compression stocking is placed.

The consequences of the intervention

We go home during the day, walking is allowed right after the intervention. The compression stocking is kept for the first 24 hours, then only the day for another eight days. Despite this precaution, it is normal for some bruises (or bruises) to form. It is little or no pain.

Activities can be resumed the next day, with the exception of sports. For more comfort, we can provide a few days of rest. Physical activity is resumed fifteen days after the intervention.

For which woman is the endovenous laser recommended?

RF Ablation Side Effects- treatment of varicose veins is possible if ...

  • The varicose vein depends on the vein at the front of the leg (long saphenous vein).
  • The varix allows the introduction of the laser fiber.
  • The varicose is big.
This is not possible if ...

  • The varix is too tortuous or superficial.
  • The varicose vein of the calf depends on the long saphenous vein.
  • The patient is on hormonal treatment, including contraceptive pill.
And if you want it any way ...

  • The vein is too sinuous or too superficial. The varix is removed by means of another surgical technique.
  • You must stop taking hormones, ideally a fortnight before surgery to resume a month later.
Radiofrequency Ablation

This procedure involves heating the varicose vein wall, by using energy (radiofrequency). In the procedure, radio waves (ie radio frequency) are transmitted through the vein wall. The doctor will anesthetize the area, use the ultrasound to see the inside of the leg, and then insert a catheter (a very thin tube) along the vein to apply this energy along the venous wall. The coming wall will heat up because of the released energy, it will thicken and contract, and eventually it will be reabsorbed by the body and disappear.

This heat, therefore, warms the vein, until its walls collapse and the area is sealed. Once the vein has been sealed, the blood will naturally be redirected to one of the healthy veins. The patient will have to wear compression stockings up to 1 week after undergoing this procedure. Radiofrequency Ablation Side Effect is negligible.

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