What is the starting range of Prescription sunglasses?

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Posted by Halina_Tseng from the Shopping category at 20 Jun 2019 08:47:54 am.
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The first and foremost job of sunglasses is to block the harmful UV rays of sun so that the eyes are protected against any damage. Best Sunglasses UK block 100% harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun which are responsible to harm retina of the eyes, eye-aging and increases the risk of cataract.
Important points
While buying sunglasses, one must keep the following points in mind :-
100% UV rays protection : Sunglasses with 100% protection against the UV rays should be opted. UV rays reflected by the sun when enters the eyes can lead to a lot of eye related ailments namely, cataract, eye-aging, cancer of skin around eyes and temporary blindness (also called Photokeratitis). Sunglasses having anti UV protection coating should always be considered over non coated glasses or cheap glasses.
No effect on vision : Stay away from sub-standard sunglasses which can cause blur vision or may increase power of your prescription glasses. Sunglasses must not affect in any way with the vision and should give clear vision without gleam. Choosing prescription sunglasses will do away with the need of carrying prescription glasses along.
Sunglasses are different from polarised glasses : It is imperative to understand that polarised glasses can reduces the glare emitted from water or roadways, however, they should not be confused with sunglasses because polarised glasses do not provide protection against UV rays. Unlike Sunglasses which can block UV rays in the summer sun, polarised glasses are good when used for driving, water sports, climbing etc.
Size and tint : Designer Sunglasses for men and Designer sunglasses for women are available in various shapes, sizes and tint at Specscart. Depending upon your face, you will be smitten away by the range of iconic sunglasses in various sizes and style. Also, the tint in the sunglasses does not mean that the darkest tint will provide the best protection. Nowadays tinted sunglasses in grey, green and black are available, but their anti UV protection should be checked before buying.
Cost : Off course, budget and cost play a vital role in determining which pair of sunglasses to be selected. Specscart has reasonably price sunglasses, in various shapes, designs, brand which will surely suit everyone’s pocket. Specscart’s competitive and affordable prices of sunglasses makes sunglasses accessible to people from all walks of life.
If branded designer sunglasses are your only top priorities then without further query, certainly check out Tom Archer’s branded designer sunglasses to beat the heat. Tom Archer sunglasses for men and women in rectangle, cat eye sunglasses, browline, aviator sunglasses, round sunglasses and wayfarer will definitely suit your face shape and find place in your fashion list. Branded designer sunglasses from Tom Archer in rimless, full frame or half frame will give you chick, geek or professional look. While you may select material from acetate, metal, titanium or stainless steel, experiment with various colors, texture and print of frames like tortoise, dual tone, crystal etc.
Free try at home, 24 hours delivery and free shipping
With Specscart’s free try at home glasses, you can order home trial of upto 4 different frames of sunglasses to check if they suit your face. These try at home sunglasses are returnable free of cost within 7 days. Once you find those appealing pair of sunnies for your eyes, you will get next day delivery of your sunglasses with free shipping. Specscart’s best quality and highly advanced technology services same day glasses will ensure the fastest delivery of your sunglasses within 24 hours.
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