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Your Challenges
The political landscape and recent developments in International Taxation has made both local and international Tax Compliance more challenging. You realise that the Tax Regulatory Authority in where you are operating in has become more willing to impose penalties for unintended non-compliance with Tax Regulations which leads to higher costs.

Your Needs
Tax Services in Singapore is the current landscape, you want to know the tax implications of the Transactions you are undertaking because that will eventually affect your financials – on your Company, Business and on a Personal Level. This is even more when you operate from different countries or you want to expand your operations globally.

Lee & Hew’s Specialist Tax Solutions
Lee & Hew’s team of Tax Specialists,Tax Services in Singapore understands your business and your concerns and offers tailored solutions that meet your objectives. The suite of solutions that we offer include:

•Corporate Tax Advisory (International & Local)
•Goods & Services Tax / Value-Added Tax
•Tax Compliance
•Tax Accounting
•Transfer Pricing
•Global Personal Tax

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Lee & Hew Public Accounting Services

Address: 160 Robinson Rd, #18–09 SBF Center, Singapore 068914

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