The ability is available at level 50

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Unlocked at level 44 Unlocked at level 44. Undying Rage allows players to enter into Rage mode for five minutes. Whilst in this state, players cannot die , and all attacks by the player heal the Barbarian by 30% of the total amount of damage.

This skill is useful if the Barbarian is overwhelmed by massive mobs of enemies. It's quite possible to enter this condition at 10% health and then emerge with full HP after this ability is activated. What makes this skill unique is that its cooldown is only 30 seconds. This enables players to die not just every time but repeatedly.

The ability is available at level 50. the ability lets Barbarians be in a state of berserk, which boosts attack speed by a huge 50 percent. In addition, the Barbarian's moving speed increases by 20% for 6.5 seconds. That's quite insane once players stack this ability on top of other abilities.

This ability can be an excellent buff for movement and attack speed. It's excellent for cleaning up PVE hoards, but also for focusing on and taking out weakened enemy players in PVP. You can mix this with Lacerate to get additional health enhancements.

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