Peace and Tranquility

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Posted by sen778 from the Agriculture category at 01 Dec 2022 10:26:40 am.
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One day, my brother and I realized that we could no longer simply get along as well as we had as children, that we could never cross the mire of reality. I could not always provide for his material needs as much as my parents expected me to. Every time we talked on the phone, I didn't want to mention my brother to my parents. This was because every time we spoke, they complained one more time about my brother's failures in society, his inability to find a good job, his lack of money to live on, his inability to find a girlfriend, his inability to earn a dowry for marriage, as if I had something to do with all of that. And when I earned my doctorate and moved alone to a city thousands of miles from home, it was also, in the eyes of my parents and relatives, a deliberate act of trying to escape family responsibilities.

The siblings were the fruit of the same branch that fell to earth, but because of our parents' union, they planted the seeds of rebellion in each other's hearts. Even if such assistance came from blood and from the outside they knew that they loved each other, if that love was at the expense of each other's happiness or with complete disregard for their private lives, brothers who started from a single point were bound to fall into the sorrow of condemning each other out of some practical interest somewhere in the future. They are bound to fall into the trap of blaming each other out of some practical interest.

我母亲小时候最擅长养活我和姐姐的故事的寓意是,东村的一个女人,结婚后,勤奋工作,不吃油也不吃盐,会给她的两个兄弟每人盖一座大瓦房,她实际上实现了自己的抱负,并在 1980 年代成为镇上的传奇人物,这个女人实际上意识到了她的雄心壮志,并在 1980 年代和 1990 年代成为该镇的传奇人物。 每当我听到这样的故事时,我想知道这些被父亲称赞为榜样的女性,在自己的生活中是否幸福。难道他们真的对父母为他们规定的生活不满意吗?


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