Diablo 4 is set up as an online open-world game

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The trailer to the reveal was terrifying in its own way. It showed blood sacrifices in order to resurrect the demonic villain Lilith and is responsible for the creation of Sanctuary, which is the world that is mortal to The Diablo franchise. BlizzCon 2019 also featured a panel on the story and lore of Diablo 4 and offered a an abundance of details about the worldbuilding of the game's upcoming.

In the BlizzConline reveal for the Rogue, we also saw returning the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye that was the mainstay of the first two games. The players can join this group, and , after you've gathered ears from your dead enemies they can be turned in for upgrades to your character.

Sanctuary is comprised of five distinct regions which include Fractured Peaks (snowy mountain ranges), Dry Steppes (desert), Hawezar (swamps), Scosglen (coastal forests), and Kehjistan (ruins of a former civilization). We've seen these in game and on artwork and they all represent distinct biomes, and you'll visit all of them in Diablo 4's campaign.Lilith has been summoned in the mortal realm , and it's probably bad for the people in Sanctuary.

Diablo 4 is set up as an online open-world game with multiple dungeons and regions that players can choose to explore. As opposed to other Diablo titles, which had an unstructured story line using Acts, Diablo 4 is believed to allow more freedom in the direction you wish to go and what you'd like to accomplish, even in the context of continuous story.

During BlizzConline in the conference, it was revealed that players can freely roam around the map by destroying enemy strongholds and taking them to themselves, and even spotting corrupted areas known as the Fields of Hatred. In our chat with art director John Muller during BlizzConline, it was stated that players will be able to have more appreciation for the world due to its new structure.

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