They have the greatest young defense in the Madden NFL 23

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Earl Thomas, calais Campbell, and Brandon Williams are all top tier veteran players even if they're getting up there in age. They will be retired or regressing by year 3 of your own franchise but years, they will make a massive influence in your games. The Ravens have a stable of talent. By year 3 or 2, Marquise Brown will be one of the receivers in your league.

You will also have Mark Andrews at end, JK Dobbins at back and Marlon Humphrey at cornerback. Those players, including Lamar Jackson All are 24 years old or younger so that you'll have a minimum of 8 years and they to play on your franchise. It is always wonderful to not need to worry about getting a kicker in franchise mode and the Ravens come with one of the finest in the league already in Justin Tucker. If you are able to make him a player, your opponents might have to fret about 2 of the receivers at the Madden NFL 23 match, Lamar Jackson, and Mark Andrews.

As far as Madden goes, the Seahawks are an wonderful team. It's tough to beat on the playmakers the Seahawks have on both sides of the ball but they are not in the exact same grade as the Chiefs and Ravens. Russell Wilson's array of celebrity abilities are amazing and wide receiver D.K. Metcalf is every Madden participant's dream. He should continue to be helpful for another 3 or 4 more years in franchise mode before you begin to see regression.

They were also able to exchange for Jamal Adams making that protection incredibly scary however you should note that if the Seahawks are taken by you, you will be missing 1st round selections. Chris Carson needs to continue to trend upwards not only in life but on your franchise as well with this crime to cylinders. You need to be able to draft a running, if he does not advance. LB Jordyn Brooks from Texas Tech could be buried in the depth chart because of the fact the Seahawks already have Wagner and K.J. Wright but you will want to get him on the field as soon as possible. Everyone loves using a speedy linebacker and Brooks could be one of the best.

They have the greatest young defense in the Madden NFL 23 sport and solid players at every place. They are nowhere near as good as Chiefs or the Ravens. They are in that second tier. Recall dominant elite pass rushers were in Madden 22? Now imagine having Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, Arik Armstead and newcomer Javon Kinlaw on the defensive line. After a couple years of development, that line will probably be about unblockable.
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