What are the main BENEFITS of FIX API?

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Posted by sgtmarkets from the Technology category at 23 Jan 2019 01:12:51 pm.
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The FIX API is widely used by institutional traders to automate a number of processes and improve trading performance by being able to receive data and send orders in minimal time. For individual traders it brings an entirely new investment opportunity.

The main benefits of using the FIX API for individual traders are:

Lower execution time. FIX API focuses on sending large amounts of financial data in a short period of time. Every operator (like Spotware) has very strict engagement rules, which streamline the interpretation of data on both sides, making the FIX message short and straight to the point.

Multi-channeling. Traders now have the possibility to connect to several brokers simultaneously using a special application or interface to expand their trading opportunities as they wish.

Flexibility. Traders can develop algorithms using any programming language or other desired tool to provide themselves with a bespoke solution. The tools can be connected to the market through their broker using the MT4 trader FIX API.

Personal. Traders can run algorithms directly on their computers without running them on a commercial platform, so they don't reveal any of them.
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