MapleStory 2 November 15 PC Update Patch Notes

Posted by smrtsmith from the Agriculture category at 09 Jan 2019 01:56:09 am.
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Developers Nexon have announced an innovative Patch for the PC version within the game today.
The MapleStory 2 November 15 update will going alongside the conventional server maintenance, with all the current servers continuing to fall for three hours.
The update brings many changes MS 2 Mesos including new content, raids, balancing and changes.
Check out of your full Patch Notes with all the November 15 patch below:
MapleStory 2 November 15 PC Update Patch Notes
Daily quantities of Dungeons Cleared will increased from 10-15 for Normal and Hard Adventure dungeons.
Due towards lack of benefits obtained in selling Ad Balloons, and minimize the level of ad spam, Ad Balloons is usually removed from the Meret Market.
Air Mounts sold through the Meret Market could be account bound as an alternative to being character bound. Any players Buy MS 2 Mesos who got a brand new character bound mount for the Meret Market could possibly have their mount substituted through an account bound mount.

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