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Until level 10, it is immediately made sense of what for do. After you have made your record, you initially approve your email to get an additional 10 mushrooms. You presently have an aggregate of 25 mushrooms, of which you then, at that point, rent the mythical beast as a mount.

Right toward the starting there are various ways of getting XP (before missions). From one perspective you get XP for the initial 10 field fights won, simultaneously winning XP in the driver's seat of fortune is likewise conceivable. You ought to make the most of these amazing open doors prior to beginning with journeys to amplify your XP. When you start with journeys, try to continuously choose the mission with the most noteworthy XP/time proportion. This is the quickest method for advancing.

Before level ten, you additionally set aside 25 gold, that is how much the scrapbook later costs in the enchanted shop. It is critical that the enchanted shop isn't visited during this time. Along these lines, the scrapbook can show up with a specific opportunity without the utilization of mushrooms.

Level 10: Scrapbook and Dungeon #1
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When you arrive at level ten, you stop the journeys for the present. Presently it is the ideal time to begin filling the scrapbook.

The things in the shops are possibly created when you click on them interestingly. Assuming that you do this with level 1, just level 1 things are accessible in the shop. On the off chance that you click the enchanted shop interestingly at level 10, the scrapbook can be offered right away. If not, it ought to just cost a couple of mushrooms until it is at long last accessible.

All crushed rivals including their hardware are added to the scrapbook. To fill the scrapbook as fast as could really be expected, you ought to search for rivals who are not difficult to overcome and have filled practically all thing spaces.

Notwithstanding the things, there are likewise a few accomplishments in the scrapbook. While some of them should be possible right from the beginning, others can require a long time to open. I can suggest two aides for the accomplishments:

Shakes and Fidget: 9 Achievements that you can do without skipping a beat
To get an early advantage on another server, filling your scrapbook from the very first moment is significant. You can finish these 9 accomplishments on the principal day of the server and residue off the rewards.


A rundown of nine accomplishments that are especially simple to get toward the start.
Shakes and Fidget: All 80 Achievements - Guide
The accomplishments in Shakes and Fidget award large rewards to the properties assuming you know how to get them. Here you get to know the stunts with the goal that you can get to all accomplishments as fast as could be expected.


All accomplishments remembering tips for how best to get them.
From level 10 sending messages is likewise conceivable. Utilize this to find out if they actually have an open spot for you. Societies give large rewards to gold and experience through undertakings.

At last, the main prison key can likewise be found from level 10 during a mission. In the prisons you will be faced with a lot harder beasts, simultaneously the award of gold and experience is fundamentally higher. The award in the prisons can likewise incorporate amazing things. These are normally a lot more grounded than those you can get in the shops.

The prisons are talked about independently here. An outline of the level necessities up to even out 110 can be tracked down under Dungeons.

Level 25: Fortress
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At level 25, the development of the fortification can be begun. The primary structure is worked for 100 gold. Any remaining designs start from that point.

Undeniable level fortification in Shakes and Fidget
Right around a little city: The fortification in Shakes and Fidget.
The post works similar to a Clash of Clans scaled down game, with asset structures being pulled up that are required for additional development. At last, the fortification gives you extra rucksack openings, experience focuses and admittance to the jewels.

Things with attachments are accessible from level 25 onwards. Pearls are assembled in the mine of your fort and afterward put into these attachments. This gives your personality enormous rewards on his credits.

You can find a point by point guide about the stronghold in this blog entry:

Shakes and Fidget: Fortress Guide
With level 25, the player opens the post - this permits you to mine strong pearls, that can be set in the attachments, all things considered. Diamonds give the person significant rewards on all ascribes, which are immensely significant for battles in the field and prisons.

During undertakings you can't battle in that frame of mind in the field. All things considered, you can't separate yourself. Nonetheless, the enchanted mirror assists with tackling this issue.

From level 50, reflect shards can now drop while journeys, which when assembled bring about the enchanted mirror. So you can go on an experience while your perfect representation faces the prison beasts or field rivals. The mirror comprises of 13 shards (occurrence?) that must be found and hauled onto your symbol. It can take up to even out 70-75 to gather them all.
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