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2024-03-22 17:10
Description : Buy Cake Delta 8 510 Cartridge 2g
Cake 2.0: 2 gram Delta-8 510 Cartridges
A new generation of Cake Delta 8 cartridges has arrived! The Cake 2.0 series cartridge delivers a double dose of Cake’s most popular D8 distillate in a compact, disposable 510 cartridge. Pair with the Cake 510 Battery for the perfect vape experience.

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Cake 2 gram D8 Vape Cartridge Flavors
Cake Brand 2g Delta 8 Cartridges are currently available in 14 of their most famous flavor/strain combinations including:

Banane Rntz – Indica
Blueberry Cookies – Indica
Blue Dream – Sativa
Cereal Milk – Sativa
Gelato 41 – Hybrid
Honeyglue – Hybrid
OG Kush – Indica
Purple Punch – Hybrid
Strawberry Cough – Sativa
Strawberry Sour Diesel – Sativa
Texas Poundcake – Indica
Wedding Cake – Indica
Thin Mint Shake – Hybrid
White Rntz – Hybrid

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