Team lead is trying to fix my relationship with his direct line.

Post date: 2024-06-15 02:47:01
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I'm NOT interested in being friends with this person.

He has been a nightmare to work with, having said disparaging remarks about people from other country in my presence, not knowing that I'm also an immigrant. He is rude and even curt with colleagues, and has not built up even one sliver of goodwill with me, or the rest of the office with his behaviour.

I'm friends with some in the office and we have inside jokes and spend lunches together. We also go to the pub after work and such sometimes. The team lead has sat me down and told me that I should try to be warmer to this guy by building up our social relationship, beyond "just work".

I didn't react well to that suggestion inside my head. Please tell me if this crazy because this is crazy-making. I'm professional and courteous to him - I do not see the need to be warm to him beyond regular thank yous and pleases. But the team lead is adamant that we should repair the relationship by as we "share common interests". No, this is ridiculous.

Do I escalate this? How do I escalate this? If being friends with him is now a requirement of the job, I'll quit.
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